I’m a former journalist-turned-PR with a love of travel, dressage, museums and cocktails. I started this blog because I put *a lot* of effort into organising our numerous trips away and thought that others might benefit from all the hours I put in on websites, Google maps, Pinterest, guide books and tracking down word-of-mouth recommendations. Some of the places I write about are well known, some are off the beaten track, but I hope you’ll find something here to inspire you and to help you plan your next adventure.

Want to contact me? Email me at katdibbits (at) gmail.com or tweet me on @katdibbits.

Why have the “That” in the name of my blog? When I first met my husband, his first words to me were “You’re that Kat Dibbits – I’ve read your articles”. Now he’s my travelling companion on our literal and metaphorical journeys and the first beneficiary of all those hours of organisation!



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